“You came early into this world. You were such a wee thing. Oh, so frail, so fragile. I feared you wouldn’t make it. But your father… He never doubted. He always said you’d become the strongest of them all. And he was r i g h t.

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Japanese artist Azuma Makoto recently ventured to Nevada’s Black Rock Desert to launch a Japanese white pine bonsai into space. The artist also arranged a stunning bouquet with about 30 varieties of flowers from around the world and launched them into space as well. (via TwistedSifter)

liiiiiiing: I got your new fanbook and it was AMAZING on every level!! And I think I speak for a lot of people by saying that PLEASE WILL THERE BE A SEQUEL, don't leave us hanging please ;_; thanks for all the fantastic art and story!

OMG thank you so much!! And yes I plan to do sequel of The Soldier’s Diaries. But just post at tumblr or somewhere else… anyway, THANKS alot for your support! :3